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Naijahotsongs! We are the Ladder that leads You to Worldwide Fame! Lets Help you Reach the Right Audience for Your Songs.
With the proliferation of link-farms posing as mp3 submission sites, Naijahotsongs came into the game to separate the fakes from the real deal.
Here we not only accept your songs, but we help in making it gain the necessary exposure especially for the upcoming Artists who are daily inundated with surreal promotional channels with unattainable goals.
We Pride ourselves that we have one of the platform in the world with effective promotion and distributions online.
PRE – RELEASE ARTICLE PUBLICATION (For artiste Profiling, Events, UPCOMING Music or Video Release)
Increasing your available (digitally) as an artiste is very important. We can help you publish your profile on this platform and also publish an article for you concerning upcoming Music, Video, Comedy or Event.

Maybe your song is ready and you wish to publish or promote on our platform, you are free to do so. Send us your music (Audio Only) directly through [email protected], adhering to the following specifications:
-Audio (mp3 format)
-Song art
-Full Artiste name
-Contact Number
-Social media handle (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) [Optional]
-A detailed description of the song (or Press release) [Optional]
-Link to video on YouTube (If video is available)

You can also check the privacy and policy that aplies to this blog.

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