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About naijahotsongs

About us
About us

Welcome to our platform, Naijahotsongs is a platform dedicated to promoting and giving the budding musical talents in Nigeria and across.

Naija hot songs was created fir Cross River based musical talents, to add light to their creativity and also enable the itching audience get prior access to its Musical contents.

However, Musical contents from the Nigerian Music and other entertaining activities are also welcomed on this prestigious platform.

Also Naijahotsongs caries the promotion of news, music and other entertainments outside Nigeria.
You can reach out with us directly, so we work together.

When was Naijahotsongs created?

This platform was created on October 16 2019 using blogspot, but later moved to wordpress on September 5th 2021.

Get your contents promoted today, I hope you’ve been able to know about us?