Two people were killed in an attack on Igboho’s house on Sunday –Aide

Two people were killed in an attack on Igboho's house on Sunday –Aide
Two people were killed in an attack on Igboho’s house on Sunday –Aide

According to its spokesperson Olayomi Koiki, two more people were killed in the morning attack in the Soka suburb of Ibadan, Oyo state, at the home of Yoruba human rights activist Sunday Adeyemo, who was called Sunday Igboho.

At Chief Iboho’s residence on Sunday, two Yoruba men were massacred. The two bodies have been removed with the help of the military. 

In their Facebook live feed, the attendee said: “We don’t know where they took them.” According to Koiki, the house was attacked once around 1:00 am on Thursday The attackers were soldiers. “I can be sure that the people who arrived are Nigerian soldiers. 

“There are nearly a hundred soldiers here,” Xiaomu announced. “The scene is really active,” he said, adding that more security personnel have arrived in about seven Nigerian army patrol vehicles. 

“He (Iboho on Sunday) is currently safe,” the spokesperson said. At some point during the attack, our reporter spotted gunshots scattered in the partitions of vehicles and houses.

The intruders are believed to be wearing navy blue camouflage uniforms and are reportedly afraid of driving people away from a number of houses. 

In a viral video, a shirtless Iboho and his brave security personnel can be seen insulting those identified as members of the Ministry of State Service, but the attempt failed and DSS subsequently denied the arrest attempt.

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