Simple way to add mp3 voice tag to music.

How do you edit Mp3 tags?

Simple way to add mp3 voice tag to music.

If you are an Entertainment blogger or music website owner, you really need to agree with me that it’s not an easy step adding a voice watermark to an mp3 Audio. Welcome to today’s article on how to add an mp3 voice tag or watermark to an already made mp3 file.

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This is just a watermark of your site name been pronounced while a song is been played, e.g when most songs are been played you hear a website name been called, like “Exclusive from naija hot songs dot com”.

OK I guess you understand what we mean by adding a voice tag to mp3 song or music. 

You can as welldownload this song and listen to an example by clicking here.

Note: This method is not for PC’s, it’s for android phones, it’s just some simple step on adding a voice tag with your android phone.

Also: You need a voice tag editor before proceeding. And I recommend you one below the article.


mp3 voice tag script


 Below are simple methods on how to add voice tag or voice watermark to a mp3 song.

First thing to do is go to your Google play store and install MIXPAD FREE. Mixpad free is an android software that assist its user to successfully add a voice watermark or voice tag to an already made music track.

You can as well download Mixpad free by clicking HERE

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Step 1:    Open the software (Mixpad): In it there’s a layout with many tools to use so as to enable you edit your voice tag properly to an mp3 song.

Step 2:    Slide the bar to your left which has “Open project, Save project e.t.c as shown below at the screenshot. Click on the “Load”. It will the redirect you to your file manager.

Simple way to add mp3 voice tag to music.

Step 3:    The folder with the arrow icon will help you locate a particular folder your songs are in your android phone. Click on the song you wish to add a voice tag and click OK at your top right hand side. Allow the audio to process.

mp3 tag plugin

Step 3:    Long press on the free layout, where there’s no music file, and options will pop up, click on the “add track”. After track been added, click on which has no track, select the region which you wish to add the voice tag by using the red line which is there, and I guess it should be the lower region of the mp3 song, where the sound is low in which the voice tag or watermark should be added.

Simple way to add mp3 voice tag to music.

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Repeat step 2, by choosing your voice tag which has your website name

Step 4:    Play the song if the voice tag already merge with the song, if Ok by that, click on the “Export Mix” Click on the “Tag exported audio file with project meta-date” to save your work.

And that’s how you can successfully add a voice watermark of a voice tag to a song using an android phone. Please leave a comment below.

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