Desmond Elliot talk of the day.

Desmond Elliot talk of the day.

Dear Desmon Elliot, what happened!? Where did you get it wrong?

Desmond was a very good sweetheart until the tides changed and things probably fell on the wrong way since 2021.Back then ago a movie isn’t a movie without great actors like “Emeka Ike, Ramsey Nouah, Desmond Eliot, Tonto Dike, Sam Loco and many more.

The above people were so cool and household sweetheart, but can’t imagine why Desmond Eliot chose to be different from moving from a household sweetheart to a household villain.

In 2020 during the ENDSARS protest was been on peoples timelines on social media as talk of the day, merely twitter media.

 The year of the Lord, year 2020, happened, and just like it messed up all things, it struck twice on Desmond Elliot’s corner.

Desmond Elliot turned a law maker added to strides as a politician when he got the seat of representing Surulere constituency in Logos state House of assembly.

Recalling on the event of EndSars protest that took place also that made protesters badge on him with silly talks on October 10th, 2020, Hon Desmond Elliot, while addressing the house, referred to how sad it made him feel to find children cursing on elders, when the power they have to bring those people (Politicians) from seat is through voting.

He also added that “When I went through the comment, I could not believe it, the curses, the abuses from children, I ask myself, is this Nigeria..”

He was back lashed from the same people he called children due to his statements and he had to apologized for addressing the youths as children.

He even came out in a video, pleading on how he was sorry.

But the Nigeria youths seem to be finding it hard to let it go.

From October 2020, Desmond Elliot has gradually gotten to a destination where he is the villain in every story, regardless of if it is his fault or not.

Dear Desmond what will you do to bring back the heart of your people now?

Even if He had to cry a river now at this time, it might not work at this point.

But don’t forget that the same Desmond who’s trending now has been an all-time sensation for us in movie, e.g. “World Apart since 2004, holding hope in 2010 and many more.

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He’s also known to be an award winning actor, movie director and a producer that won the hearts of many and also won him a seat in Lagos State House of Assembly but there seems to be no working retribution of his sins.

Even our very cute face Minster, Isa Pantami that was alleged with links to terrorism has supporters no matter what, Desmond can we see your fans?

Did they just leave or they suddenly stopped being? But at least, you should still have a die – hard fans, where are they?

It has been shown that: The claim that Mr. Desmond Elliot called for regulation of social media in Nigeria as a result of the EndSARS protest is misleading.

The headline of reports did not match the content as there was nowhere in Desmond speech where he categorically said social media should be regulated in Nigeria.

In times now that people has ushered in the moments of support for people even over the most insane things, making case on them on social media, even Eedris Abdulkareem, surprisingly was vindicated by social media influencers, what of Indaboski, Pastor Odumeje also has people who make case for him, or could it be that he got hated because he’s a Governor?

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Is Desmond Elliot still humble and kind as the one we know during his film acting and award winning times?

Dear Mr. Elliot Desmond does your sins needs forgiveness?

Should it appease the gods? Do you recall this that lives and properties got lost in 2020?

What should Desmond do to wipe this off?


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