Things you need to know as an upcoming artist.


Hi, welcome here. Am to show you little things to do as an artist that can make you go viral…


Today social media has become a very big space where so many people come together to catch up fun and also some are there for online marketings and so on.

So as an upcoming artist you need to stay updated on social media platforms, like, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook e.t.c, you can imagine how if Davido is to organize a party he doesn’t need to go to the radio stations to pass the information, but with just a post on his social media pages, everyone will get it noticed.

On Facebook as an artist, you need to create a Facebook page using your stage name, for easy access, so if Incase anyone searches for you.

Make sure you upload your status daily. Let’s see for example, top super stars like Simi, if you’re already a tweeter user, you can see how she always keep her fans ON with gist.

Don’t get upset on what comments you get from your followers or fan, as a celebrity they’re so many insult you get from people, so don’t be surprised, it might even blow you.


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Following the trends here, has also to do with your song making. 

Time to drop your singles

And how to title your singles.

You need to check how, Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid and also other artists do drop their songs, they do not drop at same time, one person drops before the other, not that they do plan it, but before a song dropout they most be a hype so as to notify everyone.

Why shouldn’t you drop a song at same time with the other artists is this, it will now be something of debate to most of your fans who also love the other singer, they will be like “should I listen to you this first or the other”

Coming to talk of how to suggest your songs title, I know you can title your songs the way it pleases you, but making a lyrics, that will ryhm with any trendings then you choose to title it on what has passed backwards, I assure you it won’t move.


As a artist, you also need to do freestyles, using your mobile phone you can make good freestyles, upload to your social media handles, request for a retweet and also tagging your role model. Making freestyles with your phone requires just some app (software) e.g Voloco, tune me and the rest. Check them on Google play store.

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Always promote your contents on blogs, adviod this low mentality of sending your hit tracks through WhatsApp, not everyone uses Whatsapp, but nearly everyone accesses the internet.

Don’t be on a hurry of selling your songs on Spotify and other marketing platforms, you need fame before thinking of that.



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