Settlement of George Floyd family after his death

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Settlement of George Floyd family after his death

George floyd is a guy that was murdered on May 25 in the year 2020.

George is a man of 46 years old, this young man was killed in Minneapolis U.S.

Why was George Floyd killed

The family of George Floyd $27 million in a wrongful death civil lawsuit with the city of Minneapolis and the officers involved in the death.

A Twitter user said it’s among the largest settlement in Police misconduct case.

Settlement of George Floyd family after his death

Will the settlement of the family of George bring him back? George had just 5 children and end up his life halfway, not even ending it well, but ending it by been killed by a bullet.

Who where the police that killed George Floyd

George Floyd family

Police where meant to save us, protect and guide us, but they turn on killing innocent people. #Black_lives_matters rest in peace George Floyd.

We’ve batled so long so as to keep Nigeria away from corruption but yet, everything seems no working.

Nigeria government are bad, I mean none of them cares about how the next man is.

George floyd wasn’t killed for doing any evil, yet no one said anything about it.

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