See fuel price that will blow your mind – after President Buhari made his decisions

See price fuel that will blow your mind - after President Buhari made his decisions

As resulting from the sale of 44 Kg of cement per container, part of the private storage facility in Idu was also complied with the distribution and care of that required the raise of 50 Kg per bag.
The agency’s controller, known as Alhaji Dangadima, with his supervisors arrived in a small group and stopped the pumps and cement factories, and to make sure they observers were not taking product while monitoring their use of materials and production.
NIPA members stations are are been located along the Airport Road, in Abuja, as well as MSR, Dan Oil, and Saddi Kemil Energy along with a dozen or so others that comprise the NIPS corridor (National Inspection and Preventive Measurement Scheme).
How much is a litre of fuel now

Under the Buhari presidency, the federal government has just started a fresh and gradual policy of re-raising the price of gasoline by a modest two-cent per litre per month, placing more burdens and heartbreak on poor Nigerian’s households.
The Fuel Pricing and Public Petroleum Regulatory Agency showcase its final PPPR rates on Thursday, which they stated that the price of a litre of fuel would be N209 to N212 for just a litre in March 2021. The high of this month dropped well below the six-hundred and six-sixty-six in three-and-hundred billion and trillion dollar retail.
Will fuel price increase?

Gasoline is a petrol station that is open to the general federation.
The PPP explain the high rate of running petrol at the end of March 2021 would be N189.41 similar to N163.74 at the starting of the month. Though government has already kept the final pricing policy under check, the PPPRA has started running some recommendations on how to run the retailing of petrol. These new petroi prices were given to Nigerians barely a day after President Buhari vowed to take down fuel prices to below 100ndollar a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline, Niger, less than N100 return fuel at 100-grade quality par
See price fuel that will blow your mind - after President Buhari made his decisions

While Nigerians get scared of the economic pressure that the price high would create, Buhari set the price of gasoline at N87 per litre when he was elected as president in 2015, raising it thereafter.
Comment your thoughts below, is Buhari government helping you or not?
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