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Just one day you will learn to appreciate the fact that your indeed a great personality.

So many people has left you and made you sad, no one even cares how you feel, no one want to know if your okay, nobody even listens to you, no one cares about your feelings, no body wants to help you. The worst part of life is this, you have those great personalities to help you, but they will never help you, why? because they fail to believe in what you believe, they don’t see the dreams and visions you have.

If I were you am going to stand up to my feet and tell myself am not useless, am going stand to my feet and worry less about my problems because I know I have a purpose, your destination might be so tough and rough but its not a reason to give it all up. If you want to know how life feels when you talk to people,………….just stop talking and do the work you were destined for.

Never let go of what you started, be determined cause I don’t see a failure in you but a star, be warn…..u can live emotionally but don’t use your destiny to cry. Stand up.


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You don’t know what to do anymore, you’re confused about life, life is treating you in a way you don’t want.
Sometimes you wished you never existed, sometimes you wish you never go through these pains and troubles, sometimes you wished you hadn’t met those you met.


You have made a path towards greatness but it just not working because people are giving you a set back, people keeps controlling your life, your living your life according to people’s words, it surely would ruin your world.

We want to be great, we want to move on but life don’t want us, life don’t just want you to be alive and great, it fells as if everything has ended.
We cry every moment of our lives, we weep more than we smile.
It like there’s no rescue. Cause nobody cares, nobody wants you, nobody needs you, I know how hard it is. You just need to hold on tight to your dreams. Hold on to your passion, life may keep failing you but believee, you aren’t useless you are useful, don’t be sad when they mock you. Say to yourself that you have a purpose to live.
I believe you do, just wait a little longer and you will achive. Never give up!!!💪

Written by: Freeborn_Praise

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